Publication of Conference Papers

PublicationThe papers from this conference will be published in prominent places: 

  • Invited papers in two special volumes of Minds and Machines 2012
  • Submitted papers in: Müller, Vincent C. (ed.), (forthcoming 2012), Theory and Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (SAPERE, Berlin: Springer).
    (See the flyer for upcoming volumes in the SAPERE series.)

Basic dates for all authors

  1. Deadline for submission 04.12.2011 (two months) - EasyChair Log on, select your paper from the top menu, select "Submit a new version" on the top right and submit as "full paper".
  2. Reviewing 04.12.11 to 15.01.12. Acceptance is not guaranteed.
  3. Deadline for final papers is 31.01.2012 (again on EasyChair, with source file)

Submitted Papers

Formatting guidelines are on the SAPERE site. Please use the Springer LaTeX or Word templates. Maximum 15 pages total in this format.

Invited Papers

Formatting guidelines are on the Minds and Machines site, particularly in this pdf.

Reviewing of Full Papers for Publication

On Dec. 4th, 2011, we have started the 2nd PT-AI 2011 reviewing round - for full papers. The idea is to continue the conversations from the conference and to gather as much feedback on papers as we can before publication. This 2nd reviewing round also help the editor to decide whether there are full papers that are not up to standards, after all. 

Please feel free to comment on many papers. I have enabled "paper bidding", which means that you can pick papers to review. I will also assign papers, to make sure everybody gets some feedback on their work.

Reviews and submissions will remain anonymous (though you can sign then with your name and all authors can see all reviews). We do not need anonymity any more, but the setting in EasyChair is either ON or OFF, so if we changed it now, all previously anonymous abstracts and reviews would be named.

  1. Log on to EasyChair at (The system uses e-mail as ID, you you might have more than one.) Make sure your 'role' is that of reviewer, not 'author' - you can 'change role', if necessary.
  2. Select what you want to review: In the menu "Paper Bidding" select a few papers. I will then 'assign' these papers to you (but you can review them before I do so). If you were in the Program Committee, your assigned papers remain, now as full papers. 
  3. In menu 'Reviews', select 'My papers'. For the paper you want to review
    1. click on the blue 'i' or the download symbol to read the paper (or to see reviews)
    2. go back to the list and click 'add new review' (green '+' sign). - Do not select 'review form'! 
  4. The review asks for three things:
    1. score of acceptance or rejection (for publication)
    2. indication of your confidence (5 options on scale from 0 to 4)
    3. review text (a few lines should normally suffice)
    4. 'submit'  

Consult the FAQ for EasyChair, also: If you have any questions, get in touch with me.  

Reviewing will end on Jan. 15th and final papers will be collected until Jan. 31st, 2012. We expect to have the printed book & journal volume in hand by the late summer of 2012.

Thank you so much,



P.S.: A few very basic points you may keep in mind when reviewing:

  1. relevance to conference theme
  2. technical merit/soundness
  3. theoretical merit/substance
  4. breadth of interest, originality
  5. clarity/organisation