Information for Authors & Presenters

The conference is a hybrid event, both online and on-site. 



The main information about getting to the venue, rooms, etc. is the same as this:

To have a relatively safe event we are taking some measures:

  • We encourage participants to come in person only if they are fully vaccinated, recently tested or recovered and they do not have COVID symptoms.
  • We will meet with relatively few people in relatively large and well-ventilated rooms.
  • Wearing of masks is encouraged.
  • Our venue is providing additional information on COVID measures they take:


From what we can tell, travel to Sweden is possible for anyone in the EU/EEA who has either a recent negative PCR test or is fully vaccinated. Generally, travel into Sweden from outside the EU/EEA is banned, at the moment, but there are exceptions and "safe countries" (the UK and US are not on that list).

Summary of the basic rules: 

More official information: