Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence

21 & 22 September 2013
FHI, Oxford
Keynote Talks
[in sequence of presentation] - Slides are in the programme.
These and more videos on the FHI YouTube Channel and the EUCog YouTube Channel.
- Thanks to Kristian Rönn for recording and editing the videos -

Rationality and Intelligence - Stuart J Russell

Jean-Christophe Baillie

(CSO, Aldebaran Robotics, Paris) "AI: The Point of View of Developmental Robotics" - No video but [PDF View/Download ↓].

What Does Watson Tell Us About the Philosophy of AI - Selmer Bringsjord

Engineering Memories - Theodore Berger

Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, and the Frame Problem- Murray Shanahan

AI and Extended Cognition- Michael Wheeler

Enveloping the World How Reality Is Becoming AI Friendly - Luciano Floridi

If brains are computers, what kind of computers are they? - Daniel Dennett