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  PT-AI 2021   Programme    
  DAY 1
(Monday 27.09.2021)
  Room A & Keynotes: Kelvin   Room B: Decibel
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09:30 Registration & Coffee        
10:00 Keynote 1 (room A)   Shannon Vallor (Edinburgh U)    
10:30     "The Digital Basanos: AI and the Virtue and Violence of Truth-Telling"    
11:00 Coffee        
    A Epistemology & Theory B Ethics
      [Chair: V. Müller]   [Chair: I. Crnkovic]
11:30 Papers A1/B1 A1 Alberto Termine & Alessandro Facchini (U Milano/IDSIA) Towards a Taxonomy of Pragmatic Opacity for the XAI Practitioner B1 Olle Häggström (Chalmers U) Artificial general intelligence and the common sense argument
12:00 Papers A2/B2 A2 Juan Duran (TU Delft) Trusting the output of black-box algorithms: A survery on computational reliabilism B2 Michael Cannon (TU Eindhoven) An Enactive Approach to Value Alignment in Artificial Intelligence
12:30 Papers A3/B3 A3 Tom Sterkenburg (LMU Munich) Undecidability in machine learning: What does it tell us? B3 Leonhard Kerkeling (Ruhr U Bochum) Matthew Liao’s Approach of Ascribing Moral Status to AI Systems – Overview and Problems
13:00 Lunch Break        
13:30 Lunch Break        
14:00 Keynote 2 (room A)   Michael Levin (Tufts U)    
      "Intelligence beyond the brain: basal cognition of life in diverse problem spaces inspiration for AI"    
      [Chair: O. Häggström]   [Chair: G. Dodig-Crnkovic]
15:00 Papers A4/B4 A4 Hajo Greif (TU Warsaw) Models, Algorithms, and the Subjects of Transparency B4 Fabio Tollon (U Bielefeld) Unpredictable Futures: Why, and How, we are Responsible for AI
15:30 Papers A5/B5 A5 Laura Crompton (U Vienna) The problem of AI influence B5 Lydia Farina (U Nottigham) Artificial Intelligence Systems, Responsibility and Agential Self-Awareness
16:00 Coffee        
16:30 Papers A6/B6 A6 Jiri Wiedermann & Jan van Leeuwen (CAS, Prague) Validating Non-trivial Semantic Properties of Robots B6 Andras Kornai (TU Budapest) Deception by default
17:00 Papers A7/B7 A7 Alice Helliwell (U Kent) The Ethics of AI-Generated Artworks B7 Guido Loehr (TU Eindhoven) Robot rights, grounded
19:00 Dinner (self-paid)   Radisson Blu "Riverside Hotel" at Lindholmen    
  DAY 2
(Tuesday 28.09.2021)
10:00 Keynote 3 (room A)   Virginia Dignum (Umeå U)    
      "Responsible AI: from principles to action"    
11:00 Coffee        
    A Epistemology & Theory B Ethics
      [Chair: V. Müller]   [Chair: O. Häggström]
11:30 Papers A8/B8 A8 Oliver Buchholz (U Tübingen) A Means-End Account of Explainable Artificial Intelligence B8 Dan Weijers & Nick Munn (U Waikato) Human-AI Friendship: Rejecting the ‘appropriate sentimentality’ criterion
12:00 Papers A9/B9 A9 Gordana Dodig Crnkovic (Chalmers U) Cognitive Architectures Based on Natural Info-Computation B9 Elinor Clark (U Hannover) Decentring the discoverer: Rethinking agent-centred accounts of scientific discovery in light of advances in AI
12:30 Papers A10/B10 A10 Caterina Moruzzi (U Konstanz) Reaching Out-of-Distribution Generalization Through Robustness B10 Marcel Becker (Radboud U) Dignity in Digital Ethics
13:00 Lunch Break        
13:30 Lunch Break        
      [Chair: V. Müller]   [Chair: G. Dodig-Crnkovic]
14:00 Papers A11/B11 A11 Kaisa Kärki (U Helsinki) Autonomy of attention B11 Carina Prunkl (U Oxford) Is there a trade-off between human autonomy and system autonomy?
14:30 Papers A12/B12 A12 Gualtiero Piccinini (U Missouri, St. Louis) Ontic Pancomputationalism and Computational Structuralism B12 Ralf Stapelfeldt (FU Hagen) Is it likely that you are living in a computer simulation?
15:00 Papers A13/B13 A13 Roman Yampolskiy (U Louisville) AI Risk Skepticism B13  
15:30 Keynote 4 (room A)   David Papineau (KCL, U London)    
      "A Philosopher's Reactions to GPT-3"    
16:30 End