Travel to Oxford

Travel to Oxford

To get to Oxford from outside the UK, you will fly to London or Birmingham (or take the Eurostar train), and then take the coach or train to Oxford (1-2 hours). Once you arrive in the little town, everything is close; you can walk, take a taxi or take one of the very frequent local buses.

For London airports, prefer Heathrow, also Gatwick. Avoid Stansted and Luton airports. ‘London City’ airport is feasible, but traffic an issue (buses ‘X90′ and ‘Oxford Tube’). Birmingham airport is very good, too; travel from there by coach or by train to Oxford.

Buses from London airports to Oxford:

From Heathrow:
From Gatwick:

Heathrow every half hour (from central bus station & Terminal 5), Gatwick every hour. Travel time ca. 90 minutes, ca. 120+ minutes respectively, pretty much around the clock. WiFi and electricity on board (UK plugs). Payment on board or at the 'National Express' counter. No pre-booking needed. Ask for a "period return" ticket and get off at the last stop, "Gloucester Green".

Getting to St. Antony's College

St. Antony's is at 62 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6JF, UK, which is within easy walking distance from the town centre (just over one kilometre). Detailed travel directions are on the site of the college. It is on the right hand side of Woodstock road as you walk up, just after St. Anne's College, at the corner of Bevington Road. The Gateway Building, just completed, looks like this.