Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence


Nov. 4 & 5, 2017 - University of Leeds, Weetwood Hall, Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5PS, UK.

The conference volume is out! Download for free on the Springer site! (Only if from this first link on, and only until mid-November 2018.) 

Müller, Vincent C. (ed.), (2018), Philosophy and Theory of Artificial Intelligence 2017 (SAPERE 44; Berlin: Springer)

Main room and room "A" is Lawnswood Suite, room "B" is Bramley Room.

Posters - presented during 4 coffee breaks:
Paulius Astromskis (Kaunas, Lithuania)
Selmer Bringsjord and Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu (RPI, New York)
Christopher Burr, Nello Cristianini and James Ladyman (Bristol)
Gordana Dodig Crnkovic (MDH & Gothenburg)
Tom Everitt, Victoria Krakovna, Laurent Orseau, Marcus Hutter and Shane Legg (ANU, Canberra)
Sam Freed (Sussex)
Arzu Gokmen (Bogazici, Istanbul)
Jodi Guazzini (Trento, Italy)
Mahi Hardalupas (Pittsburgh)
Soheil Human, Golnaz Bidabadi and Vadim Savenkov (Vienna)
Soheil Human, Markus Peschl, Golnaz Bidabadi and Vadim Savenkov (Vienna)
Thomas Kane (Edinburgh)
Yoshihiro Maruyama (Oxford)
Dagmar Monett and Colin Lewis (Berlin)
Caterina Moruzzi (Nottingham)
Aziz F. Zambak and Erdem Unal (METU, Ankara)
Carlos Zednik (Magdeburg)

  DAY 0
(Friday 03.11.2017)
  Pre-Conference talk (open)    
17:00 Keynote Metzinger   Thomas Metzinger, University of Mainz   "Virtual Reality, Virtual Embodiment and Artificial Intelligence: New Questions for Policy and Applied Ethics"
17:30     Location: Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre
17, Blenheim Terrace
LS2 9JT Leeds (for this talk only!)
  DAY 1
(Saturday 04.11.2017)

  Location: Lawnswood Suite, Weetwood Hall   Location: Bramley Room, Weetwood Hall
09:00 Registration        
09:30 Registration        
10:00 Keynote Sprevak   Mark Sprevak, University of Edinburgh   "Are brains really probabilistic inference machines?"
11:00 Coffee & Posters        
    A Concepts (Chair: Chrisley) B Challenges (Chair: Schweizer)
11:30 Papers A1/B1 A1 Aaron Sloman (Birmingham) Huge but unnoticed gaps between current AI and natural intelligence B1 Anna Strasser (Berlin) Social cognition and artificial agents
12:00 Papers A2/B2 A2 Hajo Greif (TU Munich) Machine Models and Adaptive Functions in Turing and Ashby B2 Bryony Pierce (Bristol) How are robots’ reasons for action grounded?
12:30 Papers A3/B3 A3 Hyungrae Noh (U Iowa) A Lesson from Teleosemantics for Cognitive Sciences: Why are receptors of biological systems affordance driven devices? B3 Chuanfei Chin (NU Singapore) Artificial consciousness: new philosophical challenges
13:00 Papers A4/B4 A4 Ioannis Votsis (London, NCH/LSE) Computation: A Tale of Two Notions B4 David Longinotti (U Maryland) Agency, qualia and life
13:30 Lunch        
14:00 Lunch        
14:30 Keynote Orallo   José Hernández-Orallo, University of Valencia/LCFI Cambridge   "The Mythical Human-Level Machine Intelligence: From Populations to Principles in Intelligence Measurement" (Chair: Jones)
      (Chair: Greif)   (Chair: Astromskis)
15:30 Papers A5/B5 A5 Jiri Wiedermann and Jan van Leeuwen (CAS, Prague) Epistemic Computation and Artificial Intelligence B5 Rene Mogensen (Birmingham CU) Dynamic conceptual spaces in computational creativity
16:00 Papers A6/B6 A6 Matthew Childers (U Iowa) Naturalism for Robots: Teleosemantics, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial Evolution B6 Bhatnagar, Avin, Cave, Halina, Loe, Ó HÉigeartaigh, Price, Shevlin & Hernandez-Orallo (Cambridge) Mapping Intelligence: Requirements and Possibilities
16:30 Coffee & Posters        
17:00 Papers A7/B7 A7 Paul Schweizer (Edinburgh) Artificial Brains and Hybrid Minds B7 Yoshihiro Maruyama (Oxford) The Frame Problem, Gödelian Incompleteness, and the Lucas-Penrose Argument
17:30 Papers A8/B8 A8 Blay Whitby (U Sussex) The Immorality of Artificial Emotions B8 Abhishek Mishra (NU Singapore) Moral Status of Digital Agents - Acting Under Uncertainty
18:00 Keynote Zeng   Yi Zeng, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing   "From Brain-inspired Learning to Brain-inspired Conscious Machine" (Chair: Wiedermann)
19:00 Dinner   Conference Dinner, Weetwood Hall "Jacobean Suite" (pre-booked only)    
  DAY 2
(Sunday 05.11.2017)

10:00 Keynote Schneider   Susan Schneider, University of Connecticut/Princeton IAS   "Artificial General Intelligence and Conscious AI: Transcending the Brain?"
11:00 Coffee & Posters        
    A Ethics (Chair: Barnden) B Methods (Chair: Dodig-Crnkovic)
11:30 Papers A9/B9 A9 Al Baker and Simon Wells (Leeds & Edinburgh) When should we let Artificial Intelligences persuade? B9 Ron Chrisley (U Sussex) Epistemic Consistency in Knowledge-Based Systems
12:00 Papers A10/B10 A10 Geoff Keeling (Bristol) Against Leben’s Rawlsian Collision Algorithm for Driverless Cars B10 Daniel Kokotajlo and Ramana Kumar (UNC Chapel Hill) New Work for Decision Theory
12:30 Papers A11/B11 A11 Michael Prinzing (UNC Chapel Hill) Friendly Superintelligence: All You Need is Love B11 J Mark Bishop, John Howroyd and Andrew Martin (Goldsmiths, London) What is cognition if not interaction?
13:00 Papers A12/B12 A12 Sander Beckers (Cornell U) AAAI: an Argument Against Artificial Intelligence B12 Boluda, Ferri, Hernandez-Orallo, Martínez-Plumed & Ramírez (Valencia) Modelling machine learning models
13:30 Lunch        
14:00 Lunch        
14:30 Keynote Hogg   David C. Hogg, University of Leeds   “Laying the perceptual groundwork for abstraction”(Chair: Sloman)
      (Chair: Zambak)   (Chair: Sloman)
15:30 Papers A13/B13 A13 Tom Everitt (ANU Canberra) A Vision for Safe AI B13 Shlomo Danziger (HU Jerusalem) Where Intelligence Lies: Externalist and Linguistic Perspectives on the Turing Test and AI
16:00 Papers A14/B14 A14 Torben Swoboda (Bayreuth) Predicting Autonomous Weapon Systems - An Alleged Responsibility Gap B14 Tobias Wängberg, Mikael Böörs, Elliot Catt, Tom Everitt & Marcus Hutter (ANU Canberra) A Game-Theoretic Analysis of The Off-Switch Game
16:30 Coffee & Posters        
17:00 Keynote Millican   Peter Millican, University of Oxford   "Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Education, and the Future of Humanity"